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  • There is some thing of a special kind of "clean" sound, specially in the important mid-range frequencies, when no filter componets are use to reproduce your favorite Music. In general however there is compromise in the bass region, that is where the cabinet needs to reach the low bass frequencies. The design is a combination of a Dr A. Bush (a "Bushhorn")and Paul W.Klipsch A "Klipschhorn" ,also called the Khorn, it is a folded bass "corner horn" that can be described as an exponential wave transmission line. Designed and build in 2011 by Klaus Zulauf,in Godwin,N.C.
    The prototype was tuned to the Dayton Audio PS180-8 Fullrange-driver
    with a good off-axis response a FS 48Hz. 4.6mm Xmass highs extent in to the 20KHz. Let us point out that we also installed a Fostex 166en
    and it was a pleasure to listen to! We would think that a Alpair 7 would do very nice in the Cabinet. We know that a fine tuned corner-horn can have a high efficiency and dynamic bass response. The "but" comes from the inconvince or even the impossiblity to place the speaker in to a corner let alone in to four corners, for surround sound placement. And how to solve that problem, was the underlying concideration when the Horn was designed! So let us take a look at the Klaushorn. We will start with the profile from the top view.

  • The image shows when the corner is subsituted with a 5/8" mdf panel. Of coarse the width of that panel depends whether you deside the exit-port size to be min. or max. the next Image looks at what the exit-port size could be! Where the center would be the Default. The min. on the left will loose some low-frequency, however the cabinet still has plenty to impress! Now the full corner-horn on the right has a tide dynamic Low-end.

  • Above a look at the Cabinet, the left would be the default port size of 8", and a min. port size on the right. Care must be taken that there is a tide seal between the Cabinet and the Wall, we use a a thick earth color Felt. If the side Panels are used there is no need to seal the cab, it is self contained. We would advice to use the side panels even when used in the corner, a lot of times Sheetrock walls exist, they will resonate and this is not the best for a clean tide Bass-responce. Where a 5/8" or even a 3/4" Sidepanel will eliminate most of such unwanted resonaces.

  • The back of the driver radiates from the 12 sq.in to the port of 512 sq.in. With the default design, where the port size would be 8"wide*2sides*32"high=512. This makes the cabinet a very compact back loaded corner Horn. However lets not forget that by placing the cabinet in the corner the size decreases, apose to the free air placement size would be 8 times bigger. We can only point out all gains and losses, the final choice you need to make for your Application of the Klaushorn, and if needed we can help to make this decision.