• The build of the cabinet takes about 3 days, to make this webside is going on and on and it is about 4 month now, and I still have to scan in all the Speakers and Drivers that I want to include. Anyhow, I should say "we" for professional reasons, but it is just me, Klaus Zulauf, born in Mainz and raised in a suburb, Finthen.The most compeling left over of the Roman Times is the name "Finthen", there are two versions to be concidered, the most known theory says the name derived from the roman "vicus ad fontes", which means: Town by the springs". well, a whole town as such did not exist. The second and more likely theory the name came from the "vulgaerlatin meaning Fontanetum" , (here we have a painting that I created in the 1980'), which means as much as "by the waterpipe". This points to the roman "water aquaduct" that starts at the "Roemer Quelle" Koenigsborn that went all the way to Mainz, the rest of this we find in the Romanstones in Zahlbach. A history spanning back 4500 bc., the Michelsberger, Hinkelsteiner and Rössner Cultures.
  • So why DYI Loudspeakers, original occupations was a four year apprentiship at Daimler Benz AG.,curantly I hold a 7 to 3 job running a IBM 4100 Web printer, for a lifes commitment I would have to be a Muscian(Guitar). I had a need for speaker system right early on. I had build some Altec designs and a Karlson, a Tannoy, Bushhorns and I had been looking for new project I liked the way the Klipschhorn uses the corner, out of this came a new design the "Klaushorn" (well, why not, just saying.)If I had some high priced drivers, like a feastrex or Lowther which i could use that would be awesome. Instead we worked with fostex and dayton audio drivers with great results. Time will tell of the use of the klaushorn in the DIY fullrange single driver comunity.
  • To contact the writer feel free to ask any questions that you might have.
    Klaus Zulauf, P.O.Box 0008,Godwin,NC.,28344,USA,